iD76 is a compressor inspired by a famous vintage American FET compressor. We chose the most popular version of this compressor - revision D. This revision has an input transformer, and a class-A output stage circuit.

We managed to fit iD76 in a quarter 1RU space (compare this to the original unit that takes 2RU space) and added some useful features: additional Ratio setting (2:1) for a more gentle compression; sidechain signal filter, which has a variable high-pass filter and two different equalization curves; dry/wet control that allows you to add in an original unprocessed signal to the output which makes parallel compression much easier.

Of course, we implemented a famous «SLAM» mode which emulates the situation when all 4 Ratio buttons are pressed on the original compressor. If you plan to use a pair of iD76 modules, you have an active stereo link circuit that sums the control voltages of both units properly.