iD312 is a microphone preamp inspired by a popular American microphone preamplifier. This preamp has a minimalistic circuit and a very short signal path. It's basically an input transformer - discrete operational amplifier - output transformer.

iD312 works perfectly for all sound sources. It shines in aggressive music styles, such as rock and metal. These types of preamps are commonly used for drums, electric guitars and vocals. It's unique sound texture is a feature that keeps people using it again and again.

The module has a standard set of functions that you expect from a mic preamp: phantom power, polarity switch, input attenuator and an option to switch in additional output transformer winding (thus increasing an output level). Besides, there's a dedicated DI input for high impedance sources and an option to adjust an output level - this is a useful feature if you want to get a high gain sound texture from the preamp, but don't want to overload your A/D converters.