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iD-Audio is an audio boutique that manufactures unique devices for recording and processing audio. At the core of each our unit is one of a famous vintage pieces of gear. We do not make clones of popular devices. Our modules have unique additional functions that original unit do not have. For example, microphone preamplifiers have additional DI input for music instruments. Compressors have various side-chain filters and dry/wet control. Our modules are very compact – it's possible to install up to 4 different processors in a single 1RU enclosure (with external power supply)

Original sound

Tried and tested circuits

High quality components

We use components from reliable European and American suppliers only


Our modules take just 1/4 of rack space, while original units take 2U

Additional features

Our modules are equipped with additional valuable features that vintage devices don't have

Manual assembly

Manual assembly, adjustments, testing and burn-in


All audio processors are manufactured manually in our lab. Each unit is thoroughly tested, adjusted and passed through strict quality control. We manufacture modules for each on demand


Channel strip for every situation

Our Modules

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  • Микрофонный предусилитель iD73+

    iD73+ Preamplifier

    Microphone preamp

  • Микрофонный предусилитель iD73

    iD73 Preamplifier

    Microphone preamp

  • Дискретный микрофонный предусилитель iD312

    iD312 Preamplifier

    Microphone preamp

  • Пассивный эквалайзер iD43

    iD43 Equalizer

    Passive equalizer

  • FET компрессор iD76

    iD76 Compressor

    FET compressor

  • ШИМ компрессор iD5751

    5751 Compressor

    PWM compressor

  • Компрессор на стабилитронах iD12413

    12413 Compressor

    Zener compressor

  • Компрессор на диодном мосту iD2254

    iD2254 Compressor

    Diode bridge compressor

Ready-made solutions

Modules in any combination

You can mix and match our modules in any combination you need. Most of our units have independent inputs and outputs. Make a unique combination that helps you achieve your goals

  • Recording
  • Recording and mixing
  • Mixing
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